Electronic Cigarettes: Safe and a better way to smoke

Tobacco smoking is a practice followed all over the world and it is one of the most common causes of deaths all over the world. It is estimated that more people die due to cigarette consumption as compared to accidents, alcohol, infections or even AIDS.
There has been a lot of research being done on finding a healthier alternative to smoking which is a lot safer as compared to the normal cigarettes.

The solution to his problem is Electronic cigarettes which are not just a safer option but are also less expensive and more eco-friendly. This electronic cigarette gives the same feel that one would have while smoking a normal cigarette. The advantage of the electronic cigarette is that it does not contain carcinogens and tobacco which is a common ingredient in cigarettes which are commonly found.

The Electric Cigarette gives the same look as a normal cigarette the only difference is that this contains a cartridge which contains liquid nicotine, unlike the normal cigarettes which contain tobacco. This E-Cig as it is popularly called has a battery-run atomizer which converts the nicotine into vapor whenever the smoker inhales and it is this vapor which enters the smoker’s lungs. The other interesting aspect of these E-cigs is that they are available in numerous flavors like menthol, tobacco and even vanilla. The taste is not altered and is similar to the normal cigarette, however this is much safer since it is devoid of the harmful effects.

The electronic cigarette gives the smoker the same dash of nicotine but minus the other hazardous chemicals like carbon monoxide, ammonia and toxins which are present in the normal cigarette. Since this kind of smoking does not give rise to smoke it also prevents passive smoking or second hand smoke. It is recommended not to smoke at all, however if one had to make a choice they can choose the electric cigarette since it is less toxic as compared to the normal cigarette.

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